SPM Monitoring Web Console .Net Core SelfHosted version.
Download ‘SelfHosted’ version of the WebConsole from SourceForge or find it in the SPM Monitoring bundle archive.

  1. Open WebConsole Config folder

2. Web Console have 2 configuration files:
startup.json – webserver configuration settings
spm_api_settings.json – settings to connect to SPM Monitoring base application

3. startup.json – You can use default settings. Doesn`t need to change anything for first run. If you want to customize webserver settings look at readme.txt file. By default using HTTP 80 port, and connections allowed from any IPs.

4. spm_api_settings.json – Here is you need to define SPM Monitoring hostname and port.
APIKey for authenticate your connection.
Also you can set readonly attribute – if you want to restrict changes which made from web-console.

“api_hostname”: “http://localhost:4539”,
“api_key”: “SItqxWKBi7rrtzcuaJv3bc8qjw71KFilA7jTySn3amQjzqx3fS86AUpjPrLzTMyRSS”,
“readonly”: false

ApiKey need to be set also in the SPM monitoring base application on the Options tab.

5. Then just run SPM_WebConsole.exe file.

6. Open browser and connect to the webserver.