SPM Monitoring System Web Console is an ASP.Net MVC application and requires installation on an application server, such as IIS.
Also you need to have installed .Net Framework 4.7.2+

1st We need to install IIS server and required components.

  • Head to Programs and Features within Control Panel:

Оснастка "Программы и компоненты"
  • From the left hand menu, click Turn Windows features on or off
  • Scroll down to Internet Information Services and select it
  • Expand World Wide Web Services > Application Development Features and select ASP.NET 4.6
  • Expand Common HTTP features and enable Static Content and Default Document (if it is not enabled)
  • Expand Web Management Tools and enable IIS Management Console
  • Also you need to install .Net framework 4.6+
Add Windows Features snap-in
  • Click OK and Windows will install IIS. You can now type inetmgr into the Run box and load IIS.

On the left, we’ve got application pools and sites. If you expand sites, you should see Default Web Site. Let’s go ahead and configure a new website. Every site in IIS should have its own application pool. This ensures we can restart it without affecting other sites on the server. Right-click on Application Pools and add a new Application Pool.

Right, step 1 done.

Now let’s create the website. Right-click on Sites and add a new website. Give it a name and select the application pool we created in the previous step. Set the physical path to the root folder of the web console (unpack it to wwwroot folder for example). Give it a port. I’ve selected 81, but you can select any number between 0 and 65536. Steer clear of any of the well-known port numbers though! If you leave it on port 80, it will clash with the default web site (in this case you should delete default web site).

Leave the Host name blank and click OK to start the website. Go to http://localhost:81/ in browser and check out the website:

Our web Application is working. But it cannot connect to SPM Monitoring System webAPI.
Go to SPM Monitoring System Options Tab and Enable selfhosted WebAPI. You should to assign new api key.

Let’s go back to Web Console folder. Find the Config/config.cfg file.

Set api_hostname to the host where your SPM Monitoring System is located, and port that been assigned in the Options tab in the SPM Monitoring System. In api_key section put api key also assigned in options tab.

Note: Don`t forget to allow this connection in your Windows firewall on the SPM Monitoring System host.

It works:)