Notifications by: E-mail, SMS, Push, Telegram, Sound.

ICMP, HTTP, SNMP and Agents Monitoring : CPU Load, Free RAM, Logical disks load and free space, Network adapters load, System EventLog forwarding, etc.


  • Hosts availability monitoring (ICMP).
  • Monitoring hosts CPU load, available RAM, Logical Disks free space and load, network adapters load (via Agents).
  • Windows EventLog events forwarding and host reboot notifications (via Agents).
  • SNMP Monitoring. Support v1, v2c, v2u, v3 (Triggers by OID metrics).
  • Agents for Windows and Linux.
  • Web Sites Monitoring (HTTP).
  • E-Mail Notifications with custom templates.
  • SMS Notifications (worldwide).
  • Push Notifications.
  • Telegram Notifications (get notifications in your IT chat, logs, uptime stats). Control via Telegram Bot.
  • Sound Notifications.
  • Notifications support dependencies, or chains of dependencies (For example don`t need to send notifications for each VMs when its Hyper-V host is unavailable).
  • Notification weekdays limitations for all or each host separately.
  • Aggregate ‘short time sent’ emails in one message.
  • Logging.
  • Reporting – Host statistics, uptime, average answer time. ICMP activity Chart.
  • Tray notifications.
  • Add IP ranges. Can add only available hosts.
  • Import hosts from Active Directory or CSV, export to CSV, export to Excel. Export Reports of an ICMP statistics to CSV and Excel.
  • Host grouping and tagging.
  • Few Visual representation of Host objects.
  • Drag@Drop hosts rearrange and group assigning.
  • Realtime charts of Hosts ICMP Activity.
  • Also you can ask Telegram Bot for hosts status, some host or all hosts in some group.
  • You can run your Powershell/VBS scripts from Telegram Bot Chat by command.
  • Show additional ICMP Information.
  • Customize ICMP timeout and check interval.
  • Hide to the system tray.
  • Start with Windows and start minimized, save last state.
  • Result output to HTML and XML for your external services like webserver.
  • Automatic check internet connection.
  • White and Dark Color Themes.
  • Full Screen Monitoring mode.
  • Integrated Selfhosted WEB API.
  • Available Web Console ( application).

This utility will help you to monitoring your office IT environment. It will signal to you, if some hosts are unavailable.

System requirements:

  • OS: Windows 11/10/8/7/Vista/Server 2019/2016/2012R2/2012/2008R2/2008 x32/x64
  • Net Framework 4.8