Notifications by: E-mail, SMS, Push, Telegram, Sound.

ICMP, HTTP, SNMP and Agents Monitoring : CPU Load, Free RAM, Logical disks load and free space, Network adapters load, System EventLog forwarding, etc.

SPM Monitoring System – Complete Solution for Efficient Monitoring and Alerting

SPM Monitoring system is an all-in-one monitoring solution for IT environments that offers comprehensive features to ensure high availability, stability, and optimal performance of your infrastructure. With SPM Monitoring system, you can monitor your network, servers, applications, and services with ease, and receive timely alerts when issues arise. Here are some of the key features that make SPM Monitoring system stand out:

Key Features:

  • Hosts availability monitoring (ICMP).
  • Monitoring hosts CPU load, available RAM, Logical Disks free space and load, network adapters load (via Agents).
  • Windows EventLog events forwarding and host reboot notifications (via Agents).
  • SNMP Monitoring. Support v1, v2c, v2u, v3 (Triggers by OID metrics).
  • Agents for Windows and Linux.
  • Web Sites Monitoring (HTTP).
  • E-Mail Notifications with custom templates.
  • SMS Notifications (worldwide).
  • Push Notifications.
  • Telegram Notifications (get notifications in your IT chat, logs, uptime stats). Control via Telegram Bot.
  • Sound Notifications.
  • Notifications support dependencies, or chains of dependencies (For example don`t need to send notifications for each VMs when its Hyper-V host is unavailable).
  • Notification weekdays limitations for all or each host separately.
  • Aggregate ‘short time sent’ emails in one message.
  • Logging.
  • Reporting – Host statistics, uptime, average answer time. ICMP activity Chart.
  • Tray notifications.
  • Add IP ranges. Can add only available hosts.
  • Import hosts from Active Directory or CSV, export to CSV, export to Excel. Export Reports of an ICMP statistics to CSV and Excel.
  • Host grouping and tagging.
  • Few Visual representation of Host objects.
  • Drag@Drop hosts rearrange and group assigning.
  • Realtime charts of Hosts ICMP Activity.
  • Also you can ask Telegram Bot for hosts status, some host or all hosts in some group.
  • You can run your Powershell/VBS scripts from Telegram Bot Chat by command.
  • Show additional ICMP Information.
  • Customize ICMP timeout and check interval.
  • Hide to the system tray.
  • Start with Windows and start minimized, save last state.
  • Result output to HTML and XML for your external services like webserver.
  • Automatic check internet connection.
  • White and Dark Color Themes.
  • Full Screen Monitoring mode.
  • Integrated Selfhosted WEB API.
  • Available Web Console ( application).
  • Internal and External (MSSQL, MySql, PostgreSQL) databases support. Separately for Main app database and Reporting database.
SPM Monitoring Systems is a reliable and efficient solution for monitoring your IT environment. With its comprehensive features and flexible notification system, you can stay on top of your infrastructure’s health and performance.

More about:

  • Host Availability Monitoring: SPM Monitoring system enables you to monitor the availability of hosts via ICMP protocol. This feature lets you know when your hosts are up or down, and you can take action to prevent downtime.
  • Agent-Based Monitoring: SPM Monitoring system offers agent-based monitoring for Windows and Linux hosts. This feature allows you to monitor the CPU load, available RAM, logical disks free space and loadnetwork adapter load, and Windows EventLog events forwarding. You can also receive notifications when host was rebooted.
  • SNMP Monitoring: SPM Monitoring system supports SNMP v1, v2c, v2u, and v3 protocols for monitoring network devices. You can use Triggers by OID metrics to get notifications when specific events occur.
  • Web Site Monitoring: SPM Monitoring system enables you to monitor your websites’ availability and performance via HTTP protocol. You can receive notifications when your website is down or slow, and take action to fix issues.
  • Notification System: SPM Monitoring system offers a flexible notification system that supports E-MailSMSPushTelegram, and Sound notifications. You can customize the notification templates and set dependencies to avoid unnecessary alerts.
  • Reporting: SPM Monitoring system provides reporting features that give you insights into your infrastructure’s health and performance. You can view host statistics, uptimeaverage answer time, and ICMP activity charts. You can also export reports to CSV and Excel.
  • Host Grouping and Tagging: SPM Monitoring system lets you organize your hosts into groups and tags. This feature makes it easy to manage large environments and quickly identify issues.
  • Visual Representation: SPM Monitoring system provides various visual representations of hosts that enable you to quickly identify issues.
  • Drag and Drop: SPM Monitoring system allows you to rearrange hosts by drag-and-drop and assign them to groups with ease.
  • Real-time Charts: SPM Monitoring system offers real-time charts of ICMP activity to help you monitor your network’s health.
  • Customization: SPM Monitoring system allows you to customize ICMP timeoutcheck interval, and themes. You can also hide the application to the system tray and start it with Windows.
  • Integration: SPM Monitoring system supports self-hosted web API and various databases such as MSSQLMySql, and PostgreSQL. Or you can use just internal embedded internal database with no need to configure. You can export results to HTML and XML for external services such as a web server. Also you can switch databases on hot, without application restart. SPM Monitoring system support separate databases for main application and reporting.
  • Telegram Bot: In addition to the above features, SPM Monitoring system offers a unique control feature that allows you to manage your infrastructure via Telegram Bot. With Telegram Bot integration, you can:
    • Get notifications in your IT chat, including logs and uptime and answertime stats.
    • Show additional ICMP and Agents Information like CPU loadRam space, etc.
    • Ask Telegram Bot for hosts status, some host, or all hosts in some group.
    • Run your PowerShell/VBS scripts from Telegram Bot Chat by command.
    • Enable/Disable some host notification and other parameters.
    This feature enables you to monitor and manage your infrastructure from anywhere, anytime, using your mobile device or desktop. With SPM Monitoring system and Telegram Bot integration, you can have complete control over your IT environment and ensure its high availability and performance.
  • Web Console for remote administration: SPM Monitoring system offers a comprehensive Web Console that provides a user-friendly interface for monitoring your infrastructure. The Web Console is an ASP.NET application that can be accessed from any web browser, making it easy to manage your infrastructure from anywhere.The Web Console offers a range of features, including:
    • Hosts overview: Provides an overview of all hosts and their current status.
    • Host details: Provides detailed information about a specific host, including its statusperformance metrics, and logs.
    • Reporting: Provides various reports about your infrastructure’s health and performance, including host statisticsuptime, and average answer time.
    • Charts: Provides ICMP Charts.
    • Settings: Lets you configure various application settings.
    The Web Console also offers a responsive design, ensuring that it is accessible from any device, including desktops, laptops, tablets, and mobile phones. With the Web Console, you can monitor and manage your infrastructure easily and efficiently, making it a valuable tool for IT administrators and support team.

    System requirements:

    • OS: Windows 11/10/8/7/Server 2022/2019/2016 x32/x64
    • Net Framework 4.8

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